At Lolipop Studios, we customise musical backing tracks for you to sing along. Our keen attention to detail and ability to critically analyse sonic properties allow us to layer up the musical pieces and create awesome tracks. Our backing tracks are for your exclusive use.

Whether you are a singer or solo instrumentalist, you can make use of our custom backing tracks to add that extra instrumental element to your live performances and gigs, and even to studio recorded songs. And, if you want to enhance the playback, we further offer to create backing vocals as required.


Backing soundtracks come as a big relief for budding songbirds who want to showcase their singing talent but lack instrumental prowess or do not have access to people who can play musical instruments. In response to the rising demands, we have set up our recording studio with top-of-the-line equipment that helps us create clear, flawless tracks.

Using multi-track recording programs, high-end microphones, and MIDI keyboards, we create music from a range of sampled instruments and studio recorded pieces designed to suit your song. Our tracks let you optimise your studio time, practice your song well in advance, and eventually nail your vocals. Wherever you are on the globe, you can carry them and sing along whenever you wish to.


The prices of our backing tracks vary with the complexity, time taken, and instruments used; the most basic ones are obviously the cheapest. However, Lolipop Studios does not believe in going over the odds when it comes to composing backing tracks. So, whenever you choose one from us, rest assured it has been priced competitively.

Remember, when an easy-to-access generic track isn’t the right key, a customised backing track always serves as the best solution. So, should you want us to make one for you, contact us now! We’ll send you a free no obligation quote, of course with no pressure sales. It is absolutely your choice.

If You Need A Backing Track, Make Sure You Get It From Lolipop Studios