Lolipop Studios has everything you need for your recording session. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned singer, a solo vocalist or a solo instrumentalist, our recording studio always offers a bright, relaxing vibe. It is roomy and gets plenty of natural light, presenting the performer with a cool and restful atmosphere to record a music album.

We understand there are music makers who love a casual setup and there are music makers who prefer full regalia. Ours is a hybrid, befitting the needs of both. All our tracking rooms are well-lit and soundproof with a clear line of sight from the music producer in the control room to the vocalist in the live room for better communication and guidance.


We believe the key to quality lies in the recording chain from the mic to the recorder. This is why our tracking room is facilitated with the latest equipment, great sounding preamps, great sounding Beyer pro headphones, and an enviable collection of select studio microphones from the AKG C414 to the Warm Audio WA 87 with the unique vintage Neumann U87 circuity and character.

Both the monitoring and the recording workspaces have been specially designed for optimum acoustic properties. This apart, we also take pride in our state-of-the-art recording software and our abundance of experience and expertise in using them.


At Lolipop Studios, we offer services that include music production, music composition, sheet music production, recording, mixing, voice-overs and more, for commercials, jingles, TV series, movies, or personal interests. We not only own state of the art recording gear, but also know how to apply them to produce music that inspires.

Even if it is the most demanding of recording sessions, we ensure you are delivered what you desire and require. Our knowledge across varied genres gives us the competence to successfully route the voice of singers and the sound of instruments onto digital recordings without loss of quality. From a technological standpoint, we serve excellence.

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