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Our standing has been built on a reputation for producing original compositions, custom backing tracks, demos and CDs. Quality is paramount at our studio and we pride ourselves in running a relaxed and approachable workplace. Our creativity has pulled many famous clients and professionals over the years, who have not only used our services, but also appreciated the same. Our bespoke recording studio is spacious, comfortable, and fitted with the latest equipment required for quality recording and mixing.

Custom Backing Tracks

Want to make an impression?
You need to have your backing tracks made just for you.
If your tacks sound the same as the artist who was on last week, the audience will automatically be judging your act against the previous artist.
So, if you want to give a unique performance,
and you if you live in Leyland , give Lolipop studios a call today.

Let me help you on your journey to stardom.


Lolipop Studios has everything you need for your recording session. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned singer , a solo vocalist or a solo instrumentalist living in Leyland, our recording studio always offers a bright, relaxing vibe. It is roomy and gets plenty of natural light. Read More


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At Lolipop Studios, we customise musical backing tracks for you to sing along. Our keen attention to detail and ability to critically analyse sonic properties allow us to layer up the musical pieces and create awesome tracks. Our backing tracks are for your exclusive use… Read More


We are aware of performance anxiety and the feeling of intense nervousness that sinks in when you are about to sing for the first time in Leyland. Despite this, we’ll show you how to overcome your inhibitions and refine your vocal ability for that top performance… Read More

Lawrence (or as everyone knows him as Lol) Harris has been creating professional arrangements for artists all around the UK for over 30 years now.
He has backed artists in many clubs in the North West and is respected as one of the best players in the club scene.
His backing tracks have been used all over the world. However, now you could get your own backing tracks done by him at an incredible price. So if you live in Leyland , you don't live far from Lol's studio in Crumpsall, Manchester.

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